Sex vägar till web 2.0

23 Feb

McKinsey skriver i sitt onlinemagasin om Sex vägar för att få web 2.0 att fungera och vad de olika 2.0-verktygen är bra på. Insikterna är inte nya, men väl värda att upprepa. De tre bästa:

1. The transformation to a bottom-up culture needs help from the top. Web 2.0 projects often are seen as grassroots experiments, and leaders sometimes believe the technologies will be adopted without management intervention—a “build it and they will come” philosophy. … Successful participation, however, requires not only grassroots activity but also a different leadership approach: senior executives often become role models.

3. What’s in the workflow is what gets used. Perhaps because of the novelty of Web 2.0 initiatives, they’re often considered separate from mainstream work. … Participatory technologies have the highest chance of success when incorporated into a user’s daily workflow.

6. Balance the top-down and self-management of risk. A common reason for failed participation is discomfort with it, or even fear. In some cases, the lack of management control over the self-organizing nature and power of dissent is the issue. In others, it’s the potential repercussions of content … Prudent managers should work with the legal, HR, and IT security functions to establish reasonable policies … Ultimately, however, companies must recognize that successful participation means engaging in authentic conversations with participants.


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